Music Expression Therapy

Music Expression Therapy
Almost every song’s genesis lies in its writer’s emotions.

Many of history’s most memorable lyrics originated with their author’s feelings and their desire to express them through the power of music. Song writing is a rich channel of expression because it adds deep, personal feeling to a creative journey. It’s for this reason song writing can be a deeply cathartic process.

Articulating your emotions in song can be a powerful exercise, especially when it’s fuelled by personal feelings such as joy, frustration, grief or anger. It’s a process that will let you experience the amazing healing power of music.

Working with Danny Lopez you can encounter this magic. Taking this creative journey can let you explore new areas in your life. It can enhance self-awareness and even let you tap into creative areas of your thinking not previously encountered.

These song writing sessions are ideal for both individuals and groups, specifically team building in businesses where stress can be constant and better communication is needed for a happier work place.

There’s something magical and powerful about putting your true emotions and feelings into a song. It can be an amazing experience. Try it. You might be surprised by what you find.

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What can I use music expression therapy sessions for?
Sing or write a song to Celebrate the birth of a child, to celebrate a special birthday, to propose, for that big day, or just to say I love you.

What better way is there than to express how you truly feel about some?

These sessions are designed for anyone to participate, no experience necessary.

With Danny Lopez, you have the option of writing or reworking an already great song to suit the style and feel of the exact sound and communication you’d like to express for the one you love.

In these fun filled creative sessions, nothing is out of bounds when it comes to making the perfect song for that special someone.

Check the example tracks to hear people just like you.
Track one: Is a Pete Murry song called Saving Grace: Performed by Sally Smith to celebrate her big day.

Track two: Is a John Denver song called For you. Performed by Michael Chew as a birthday present for his girlfriend.