Singing Lessons

Beginner Vocal Lessons
Learn to Sing
Want to learn to sing? You can at Learn What You Want.

Danny Lopez works with novice singers. He’ll get you under way with the right methods to become a consistent vocalist who’s confident in using these techniques.

You will receive a personalised program designed to help you achieve your singing goals. You will be instructed in the basics of pitching and singing in key and required to apply your new techniques in order to advance.

There are no short-cuts. Similar to the process of learning a musical instrument, becoming a skilled vocalist takes time, focus and discipline. You will be required to practice your techniques and skills to vocalise correctly.

Learning to sing correctly can be a rewarding and enjoyable process and get you closer to fulfilling your dreams. Click on the CONTACT US tab to start your singing journey.

Advanced Vocal Lessons
If you’re seeking your own, original style or you simply want to improve your vocal performance you will find the right solutions at Learn What You Want.

It’s not uncommon for singers to encounter challenges when developing their vocal performance. Many of these hurdles simply require the right coaching and practice. Working one-to-one with Danny Lopez can see you get through these barriers and move to another level in your singing abilities. The right direction can help you build confidence and style and get you closer to your singing goals.

To take your singing to the next level simply CONTACT US at Learn What You Want.