Advanced Guitar Lessons

“The ability to communicate with device understanding and precision is a skill that is a much-wanted necessity when trying to learn a new instrument. As I discovered very quickly into my first lesson, Danny had no problem implementing this. Danny understood my musical needs as an individual, thus inducing a lesson for me that perfectly influenced a guitar style that I’d wished to achieve. Throughout the entire lesson, I noticed that Danny was a very patient & ‘down-to-earth’ person, which in return allowed me to feel more confident thus inspiring me to want to learn even more. Hence, I see Danny as a motivator as well as a great teacher. Towards the end of my lesson Danny demonstrated to me some of his playing skills/knowledge. By showing his vast experience in music gave me a little insight into Danny himself. This affiliated my feeling of being at the hands of a very capable person. At the end of the day I strongly believe that learning should be a fun & enjoyable process thus with Danny as my musical mentor, I simply cannot wait for my next lesson. Thanks for making my first lesson a memorable one Danny. Cheers.”