Guitar Lessons

Beginners: Getting Started on Your Journey
Have you ever wanted to play the rhythms and solos from your favourite bands? Have you ever imagined yourself hammering out a high-energy solo from a famous tune? You can at Learn What You Want.

Our lessons in guitar solos and lead guitar can get you there. If you’re a beginner then we’ll get you on the right road. Rock icons such as Jimmy Paige, Angus Young and Slash all had a beginning; nobody’s born with these skills. With the right training and application you, too, can be playing their famous riffs and solos.

Advanced: The Seasoned and the Skilled
Advanced players can also benefit from our guitar solo and lead guitar tutorials. If you’re stuck on a specific element, such as technique or timing, we can get you past your obstacles and on to the next level of your performance.

Playing guitar over background music is a fabulous way to feel a song’s true expression. It’s also a great way to channel your creative energy for you and others to enjoy. Get started now. Click on the CONTACT US tab to start your guitar journey.