Melbourne Guitar Teacher

“The ability to communicate with device understanding and precision is a skill that is a much-wanted necessity when trying to learn a new instrument. As I discovered very quickly into my first lesson, Danny had no problem implementing this. Danny understood my musical needs as an individual, thus inducing a lesson for me that perfectly influenced a guitar style that I’d wished to achieve. Throughout the entire lesson, I noticed that Danny was a very patient & ‘down-to-earth’ person, which in return allowed me to feel more confident thus inspiring me to want to learn even more. Hence, I see Danny as a motivator as well as a great teacher. Towards the end of my lesson Danny demonstrated to me some of his playing skills/knowledge. By showing his vast experience in music gave me a little insight into Danny himself. This affiliated my feeling of being at the hands of a very capable person. At the end of the day I strongly believe that learning should be a fun & enjoyable process thus with Danny as my musical mentor, I simply cannot wait for my next lesson. Thanks for making my first lesson a memorable one Danny. Cheers.”
“When I first picked up the guitar at 15 or 16, my goal was to play like Slash from G’NR, or Kirk Hammett from Metallica. Danny aided me in this path by devising a structured week by week programme that allowed me to incrementally improve my technique until I reached my goal. Personally I found his greatest strength as a teacher to be his ability to figure out from ear with uncanny accuracy incredibly difficult guitar riffs or lead licks in a very short period of time and then to break them down for the student with great clarity. He also introduced me to a host of pioneering rock, jazz and heavy metal guitarists that I had previously never heard of. I also found him an execellent advisor when it came to buying electric guitars or amps and tips for performing live.”
“Danny is an alchemist of music. His ability to delve into my acoustic songs and vision a fully produced, rounded and completed product and guide me through that gap has been such a buzz and taught me there is language of music that only Danny can articulate. Danny feels music, it runs through his blood and his willingness to infuse this magic into his students opens up the mind to a whole new creative world that one can only imagine. I have loved working with Danny and his open-mindedness to music across any genre – if you are willing to let him get inside the music, he will take your music to levels you could only dream of. I would highly recommend working with Danny if you are ready to take the next step and work with a musical genius!”
“If you’ve never touched a guitar but want to learn how to ROCK… Danny is the man to see. If you’ve been playing bits and pieces for a while but want to kick your playing into a higher gear… Danny will kick it for you. If you want to know how to play all your favourite songs and just learn how to ROCK… go see Danny and you’ll be impressing your mates in no time! When I started playing guitar I had never touched one before, but in no time I had people asking me how long I’d been playing for and being astonished when I told them it was only a short time. Danny really got me going in the right ways and thanks to his guidance and enthusiasm, I will never stop playing no matter what happens. His teaching methods are adaptable to suit different students needs, and he teaches with a good balance between following guidelines while also giving students the freedom to develop their own personal style. That, and he has a genuine passion for all things musical which together with his methods, make for a very good learning environment. If you’re serious about learning how to play guitar, then you need someone who is serious about teaching it. Ladies and gentlemen… Mr. Danny Lopez!”
“As an aspiring guitarist I was looking for a teacher who could give me the skills and insight necessary for me to develop a sound understanding of the instrument, yet still focus more on my own sound and my own style. While I was a student of Danny’s my electric, acoustic and classical guitar playing improved at an exponential rate, that only a personalised program like Danny’s could achieve. Not only did Danny teach me to play guitar, he taught me to play music, and to appreciate subtleties and nuances that opened my mind to greater musical possibilities. He taught me to play and understand music from SLAYER!!! to Chopin and pretty much everything in between. If you want to develop as a musician. Danny is the man to see.”
“Danny is an extremely enthusiastic inspiring and passionate music teacher. There is nothing Danny doesn’t know about music as he himself is a practicing musician playing many different styles. Danny is also demanding in a good way and expects dedication from his students. My son enjoys each and every music lesson and is looking forward to the next one. I highly recommend Danny as a music teacher.”
“After playing casually for a number of years, using tabs and youtube lessons, I was really stuck in rut and getting nowhere fast. From the very first time I met Danny, I’ve always found him to be very personable, patient and encouraging. He was easily able to identify technical problems with my playing and worked with me to correct them while simultaneously helping me to work towards my overall musical goals. Danny’s ability to quickly and accurately decipher even subtle, complex and layered guitar is truly staggering. He is as proficient at teaching as he is at the instrument itself, able to clearly break things down into manageable, understandable pieces. Danny’s custom built studio is a somewhat of a sanctuary: a welcoming, safe and inspiring learning environment. If you are committed to progressing your musical skills, Danny Lopez stands alone.”
“From learning how to create my own guitar strumming patterns and melodies to mastering song structures, I have learnt so much From Danny Lopez. His enthusiasm and genuine investment in my development gave me the drive and confidence to persue what I love doing the most in singing and song writing.
Danny brought to our lessons a world of experience and influence that inspired my creative talent while giving me a platform to find my own unique voice, style and conviction for song writing.

Danny also provided a variety of opportunities to work with other talented musicians and recording engineers and always pushed me to keep going and to step out of my comfort zone, not to mention the regular ‘Open mic nights for students’ he produced.

I’m thankful for the talent Danny saw and brought out in me and I look forward to continuing working with him in the studio.”


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  • Advanced Guitar Lessons

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