Vocal Lessons

Learning to sing correctly can be a rewarding and enjoyable process and get you closer to fulfilling your dreams.

Beginner Vocal Lessons Melbourne

Beginner Vocal Lessons

Melbourne Guitar Lesson

Want to learn to sing? You can at Learn What You Want.

We work with absolute beginners. We’ll get you on your way with a step by step method conducive to developing your individual voice and sound. Of course, this is a process and every student responds differently to the exercises and techniques during this fundamental stage, so there is no pressure or expectation placed on you in these early stages.

We’ll work at your pace and make sure any areas that need more attention are always approached from a different perspective to keep things fun and creative as we move you forward. There is no magic bullet. Similar to learning a musical instrument or building stamina and fitness like an athlete. The voice is a muscle and needs regular attention, dedication, focus and lots of repetition when performing the exercises and techniques correctly each day.

You will receive a personalised one on one work shop to inspire and bring the best out of you each week. We will cover the language and basics of pitching, phrasing, timing, breath control, the relationship between your vocal registers, correct vocal placement, consistency of tone, the importance of vowel tones as well as vocal dynamics and much more.

Learning to sing can be a rewarding and enjoyable process as you move closer to fulfilling a lifelong dream or goal. Click on the contact us tab to start your singing journey

Advanced Vocal Lessons Melbourne

Intermediate to Advanced Vocal Lessons

If you’re seeking your own original style or you simply want to stand out as an artist, you will find the right solution here at Learn What You Want.
It’s not uncommon for singers to encounter challenges when looking to develop a more original approach or expression when looking to perform/record versions of cover tunes as well as writing and performing original music.

We have a great recording studio and performance environment with everything you need, utilising pro equipment to workshop any ideas or project you’d like to get happening!

You already know how to sing. You just don’t want to sound like everyone else out there on the scene right? Working with Danny Lopez will give you that freedom to explore and build on your already strengths to help channel in to have more as well as find your signature sound.

I can’t promise you fame or fortune or even a hit song for that matter, but I can guarantee I will help you discover the true artist within if you believe in yourself, and are willing to keep an open mind during this creative process. There are no limits other than what you place on yourself.
Let me help you discover your hidden potential as an artist

Let’s take your singing as an artist to the next level. Contact us at Learn What You Want.
Note: All lessons based in Vermont – Eastern Suburb of Melbourne.

Vocal Lessons Melbourne


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  • Intermediate Guitar Lessons

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  • Advanced Guitar Lessons

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