Song Writing Lessons

Do you have a song inside you and you wish to learn how to write it? Have you written a song or two? Would you like to take the first steps to record it? You can at Learn What You Want.

Correctly formulating words into a song format is often the first step in making a great song. Danny Lopez can help you develop your own song writing style, giving you greater confidence and ability to fuel your song writing passion. If you want to learn the skill of song writing then don’t delay; take the first step today and CONTACT US.

If you’ve written a song or two and want to start recording then you’re well underway. We can assist with the next steps in getting you recorded. We can offer session musicians recording studios at good rates. Our workshop lessons can help prepare you for your big day in the studio.

If you want to take the next step in getting recorded then CONTACT US and get started.