Advanced Guitar Lessons

“If you’ve never touched a guitar but want to learn how to ROCK… Danny is the man to see. If you’ve been playing bits and pieces for a while but want to kick your playing into a higher gear… Danny will kick it for you. If you want to know how to play all your favourite songs and just learn how to ROCK… go see Danny and you’ll be impressing your mates in no time! When I started playing guitar I had never touched one before, but in no time I had people asking me how long I’d been playing for and being astonished when I told them it was only a short time. Danny really got me going in the right ways and thanks to his guidance and enthusiasm, I will never stop playing no matter what happens. His teaching methods are adaptable to suit different students needs, and he teaches with a good balance between following guidelines while also giving students the freedom to develop their own personal style. That, and he has a genuine passion for all things musical which together with his methods, make for a very good learning environment. If you’re serious about learning how to play guitar, then you need someone who is serious about teaching it. Ladies and gentlemen… Mr. Danny Lopez!”